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What if you had a communication toolkit to measure and improve behavioral quality and foster honest communication?

Temenos has developed leaders and teams at major organizations including the U.S. Department of Defense, Chevron, Kaiser Permanente, New Zealand Ministry of Justice, National Health Service (U.K.), and many more. 

Temenos 48 Behaviors

The Behavior Minder®

Validation feels good, but action does good. Many leaders struggle to act on results from self-assessments, personality profiles, and anonymous feedback. It’s not their fault. Those tools stop short of giving actionable results. Temenos has the solution. Thousands of leaders around the globe have used The Behavior Minder to assess the quality of their behavior with their colleagues and develop their ability to effectively lead their teams to success. Leaders and team members who use our tool increase trust and positive influence, and develop relationships that are the foundation of healthy, high-performing teams. We call it Behavioral Quality Assurance.

The Behavior Minder®

 Temenos 5 Principles

Relationship development is essential to leading and building healthy, collaborative teams.

Trust is the foundation of quality relationships and requires genuine respect for the values of others.

Everyone has a unique way of expressing and experiencing common human values.

Great leaders take responsibility for their own relationship development by exchanging honest feedback.

Relationships are dynamic, requiring constant adjustments to maintain and grow their potential.

 Giving Leaders Control of Their Own Development

Temenos is not a training company. We know from experience and research that most training does not work. Trainees usually forget 80% of training content within thirty days when there is no immediate follow-up development action. Our training is all about the follow-up action–using The Behavior Minder assessment tool to get results. Since our training programs are focused and purpose-driven, you are guaranteed to walk away with much more than a donut and coffee. Our ultimate goal in training is to give you the information and tools to develop your own behavior, and never sit in a training session with us again.

What We Do
I have been presenting the Temenos 48 Behaviors model to a variety of staff and can say that there is universal understanding and appreciation of the model and how it can be used. I am now working with Temenos using their online diagnostic tool The Behavior Minder so that we can move forward in becoming a more effective organization.
Paul Sokoloff, Truman Medical Centers
I have been able to successfully employ lessons from The Behavior Minder in my daily interactions. This has not only helped me achieve personal professional success, but allowed me to mentor others to higher accomplishment. This in turn has resulted in organizational success for the Agency.
Vance Teel, International Programs, Social Security Administration
The Behavior Minder® helped me zero in on critical aspects of my relationships and get out of historical ruts and onto more productive and effective relational paths. The Behavior Minder is a much-improved version of the 360 degree evaluations that are commonly used, giving you 48 specific relational statements that are used in developing an open and clear dialogue for improving personal relationships.
Frank Roth, Intermountain Region, USDA Forest Service