Improving Performance...

Transforming Organizations…

through Feedback…

One Relationship at a Time

Performance and Engagement Delivered.

We use feedback to help organizations maximize engagement 

and improve performance 

by enabling the regular, honest conversations needed

for people to growcollaborate, and succeed.

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Our System-based Solution

The Temenos feedback-based system is ideal for organizations looking for effective tools to reform performance management. We are not a training company. We make tools and help people successfully use them. Our workshops and seminars help organizations adopt a common ‘operating system’, and train people how to use our signature feedback tool called The Behavior Minder®. Once our system is introduced and adopted, managers are empowered with a simple and powerful tool enabling them to have effective and frequent performance conversations, adjust expectations to dynamic business objectives, and create a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

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Our Signature Feedback Tool:

The Behavior Minder®

The Behavior Minder® has been used by tens of thousands of people in numerous countries over several decades. Originally a paper-based survey used exclusively in conjunction with training programs, we have redesigned and re-launched The Behavior Minder® as a stand-alone online tool. It can be used during and after a Temenos workshop, during coaching or counseling sessions, or independently between two individuals as a one-time experience. TBM is designed for use on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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For Practitioners

We will be launching a certification program around mid-year 2016. It will be great opportunity for coaches, trainers and counselors to get personal training from seasoned practitioners who know how best to work with the Temenos 48 Behaviors™ model in various settings and contexts. Certificate holders will be able to openly represent themselves as Temenos Certified, and will receive additional ongoing support from Temenos as they further integrate the Temenos model and tools in their practices.

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News & Views

‘Spotlight’ on Feedback

I have been studying feedback for over 50 years and recently a visit to a movie theatre brought home to me the need for constant reflection.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Depending on the ‘survival importance’ of the situation, the brain can incorporate a behavior into a ‘permanent habit’ very quickly.

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Why Organizational Transformation Efforts Fail and a Prescription for Success



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